You can access the research activities of the units and departments in this area.

Faculties and Collages

  1. Academy of Foreign Languages
  2. Academy of Land Registry and Cadastre
  3. Faculty of Art and Design
  4. Faculty of Communication
  5. Faculty of Divinity
  6. Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
  7. Faculty of Financial Sciences
  8. Faculty of Fine Arts
  9. Faculty of Law
  10. Faculty of Letters
  11. Faculty of Tourism
  12. Polatli Faculty of Arts and Sciences


  1. Institute of Graduate Programs

Vocational Schools

  1. Polatli Social Sciences Vocational School
  2. Polatli Technical Sciences Vocational School
  3. Vocational Scholl of Justice

Other Units

  1. Rector's Office
  2. Turkish Classical Music Conservatoire