A Genral Assessment on the Hellenistic Pottery of Kurul Fortress

Yorulmaz L., Şenyurt S. Y.

REI CRETARIÆ ROMANÆ FAVTORVM: ACTA, vol.46, pp.545-552, 2020 (Conference Book)


With this paper we provide an overview of the Hellenistic pottery of Kurul fortress on the eastern coast of the Black Sea Region (mainly the north-eastern shores of Turkey). On the basis of some Hellenistic pottery assemblages that have been found during the excavations, we will make an attempt to build up a typology and chronological development. This study represents a part of the results from a larger study of the Hellenistic pottery of Kurul fortress. Therefore, it is not exhaustive in the choice of pottery types. Some of the most characteristic and exemplary finds will be selected for the illustrations. The primary aim of this paper is to investigate the contribution of archaeological researches at Kurul fortress to the archaeology of Hellenistic pottery in the Black Sea region.