The Westernization Process in Ottoman Women's Garments: 18th Century∼20th Century

Koç F., Koca E.

Asian Journal of Women’s Studies (AJWS), vol.13, no.4, pp.57-84, 2007 (SSCI)


In Ottoman society, which maintained its tradition of clothing without change for a long time, the transformation of its dressing styles occurred via a long and protracted process. Westernization in Ottoman society started in the 17th and 18th Centuries, accompanied by attempts at modernizing and/or westernizing of fabrics, patterns, and colors. Along with the decrees of the administrative reforms, a process of westernization was put into motion. Changes in military costumes were undertaken and these then had an impact on civil costumes and clothing. Westernization in women's attire underwent a slower process compared to that of men. Starting from the 17th Century till the formation of the Republic, women performed a silent but a decisive struggle relating to their concept of clothing. Westernization in a real sense for Turkish women came into practice in the era of the Republic of Turkey, founded by Kemal Ataturk. This study aims to discuss the process of westernization and the corresponding modifications that occurred in clothing in historical perspective.