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Institutional Information: Faculty Of Financial Sciences, Department Of Insurance, Department Of Insurance
Research Areas: Banking - Insurance, Insurance

Names in Publications: Ozudogru, H., H. Ozudogru, Hasim Ozudogru, Ozudogru Hasim




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Prof. Dr. Haşim ÖZÜDOĞRU was born on January 6, 1975 in Yozgat. Having completed his primary and secondary education at Yozgat Cumhuriyet Primary School, Konya Karma Secondary School, Konya Gazi High School, Turhal High School and Ankara High School, Özüdogru graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Economics in 1995. He completed his master's (1998) and doctorate (2004) in "Agricultural Economics" at Ankara University, Institute of Science and Technology. In 1998, he started his academic life as a research assistant at Gazi University, Faculty of Industrial Arts, Department of Business Education, Department of Agricultural Management and Cooperative Education. He became a lecturer in 2008 at the same university, assistant professor in 2009, associate professor in the Department of Insurance at the School of Banking and Insurance in 2012, and professor in Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University, which was formed by the division of Gazi University in 2018. He worked at Dublin University in Ireland in 1994 and at Cornell University in the United States of America in 2012 with a YÖK scholarship. He has journal editorships, non-governmental organization board memberships and numerous publications, national and international papers in the fields of business, cooperatives and insurance. Haşim Özüdogru, who is still the Dean of Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University, Faculty of Financial Sciences and the Head of the Insurance Department, is married and has two children.